• Income distribution planning has taken on more importance as a result of the DoL “Fiduciary Rule.” Plan now for post-DoL success by institutionalizing your firm’s retirement income process with Wealth2k®. space
    Because a new process-driven era has dawned and you need to better serve the retirement income planning needs of your many Constrained Investor™ customers. Bringing them transparent, risk-mitigating retirement income solutions is the key to business growth in the post-DoL marketplace.

Wealth2k® is All About Retirement Income

Our scope extends far beyond software. Wealth2k® provides a philosophy and process, financial advisor training, client-facing communications and proprietary income planning software. We furnish a total solution that better facilitates enterprise-wide success.

  • Financial

    Discover what your peers say about The Income for Life Model®

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  • Independent Broker-Dealers

    Learn how we help your advisors win investor loyalty and consolidate assets.

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  • Banks &
    Credit Unions

    Wealth2k provides co-branded and white label enterprise retirement income solutions that broaden and deepen wallet share.

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  • Social

    Before you can plan you first have to create a prospect.

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  • Successful in the bank, IBD and RIA channels, The Income for Life Model® helps thousands of financial advisors optimally serve the retirement income planning needs of Constrained Investor™ clients.

    “Expands the pie” for firms across the U.S., broadening and deepening customer relationships in a way that leads to the consolidation of household investment assets.

  • Provides unmatched context for the recommendation of investment and insurance products. It makes it easier for firms to document product selection in a needs-based context.

    Addresses Americans’ number one financial concern, retirement income, in a way that’s easy-to-understand and confidence-building.

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    A Revolutionary Prospecting System for Social Security Income Planning

    Social Security Wise™ is a breakthrough prospecting system that solves the number one challenge financial advisors face: “How do I acquire new clients?”

    Social Security Wise™ combines an advisor-personalized prospecting website, exclusive multimedia content and innovative strategies for generating qualified leads. The result is a business growth platform that enhances the advisor’s credibility and online image.

  • Social Security Wise™ Meets Prospects Where They Want To Be Met

    Today’s consumers learn and evaluate in a variety of ways. They may prefer to acquire information over an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or notebook computer. To win the loyalty of web-savvy consumers, financial advisors must package their value on mobile and other devices. Social Security Wise™ delivers an unmatched learning experience over any device with a web browser.

  • Social Security Wise™ Is Ultra-High-End And Delivers A Powerful Experience… from You

    As important as it is to meet prospects online, it’s equally important to impress them with high-quality content. Social Security Wise™ is beautiful to look at while being interesting and informative on a topic of universal concern.

    Social Security Wise™ delivers exclusive content, including a captivating multimedia presentation that creates a “wow” moment for prospects. It’s the key to attracting new customers.

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