• Investment professionals rely upon Wealth2k® asset-gathering platforms to create tens-of-thousands of formal, written income plans that consolidate $billions in retirement assets.space
    Wealth2k® is the “backbone” that thousands of financial advisors rely upon for their success in retirement income distribution. Our solutions including The Income for Life Model® enable advisors to create and convey customized income plans that win investors’ confidence and consolidate $Billions of households’ retirement assets..

How Wealth2k® is Different than Software Companies

Our scope extends far beyond software. Wealth2k® is differentiated by the breadth of areas we address in designing retirement income solutions. We furnish a total solution that better facilitates companies’ success in retirement income.

  • Financial

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  • Independent Broker-Dealers

    Learn how we help your advisors win investor loyalty and consolidate assets.

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  • Banks &
    Credit Unions

    Stessarom™ provides digital marketing solutions that are the key to attracting more assets.

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  • Social

    Before you can plan you first have to create a prospect.

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  • Since its introduction in 2005, The Income for Life Model® has enabled thousands of financial advisors to consolidate retirement assets totaling tens-of-billions of dollars.

    The first web-based solution for retirement income distribution, The Income for Life Model® is the most innovative and complete retirement income solution available. It’s also the most proven.

  • Spanning lead-generation to investment performance reporting, IFLM provides the full spectrum of capabilities advisors need to serve investors’ retirement income planning needs.

    IFLM provides superior context for investment and insurance products. It’s a confidence-building solution that addresses the most important concerns of older, mass-affluent investors.

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    A Revolutionary Prospecting System for Social Security Income Planning

    Social Security Wise™ is a breakthrough prospecting system that solves the number one challenge financial advisors face: “How do I acquire new clients?”

    Social Security Wise™ combines an advisor-personalized prospecting website, exclusive multimedia content and innovative strategies for generating qualified leads. The result is a business growth platform that enhances the advisor’s credibility and online image.

  • Social Security Wise™ Meets Prospects Where They Want To Be Met

    Today’s consumers learn and evaluate in a variety of ways. They may prefer to acquire information over an iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone or notebook computer. To win the loyalty of web-savvy consumers, financial advisors must package their value on mobile and other devices. Social Security Wise™ delivers an unmatched learning experience over any device with a web browser.

  • Social Security Wise™ Is Ultra-High-End And Delivers A Powerful Experience… from You

    As important as it is to meet prospects online, it’s equally important to impress them with high-quality content. Social Security Wise™ is beautiful to look at while being interesting and informative on a topic of universal concern.

    Social Security Wise™ delivers exclusive content, including a captivating multimedia presentation that creates a “wow” moment for prospects. It’s the key to attracting new customers.

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    Stessarom™ is a partnership between Cramer + Associates and Wealth2k®. We help banks and bank-owned broker dealers capture more assets in strategically important markets.

    Our products feature compelling content delivered digitally to all devices. We help organizations more effectively connect with customers about the issues that concern them most. Everyone. Everywhere. Every opportunity.

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