Speed to Solution, Increased Advisory Income, Lowered Compliance Costs and Scalability are Key Reasons to Launch Your Retirement Income Initiative with Wealth2k®

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Retirement Income is our Historical Opportunity to “Expand the Pie”

In only one year, a financial institution brokerage sacrifices $1.6 Million of revenue potential for every 100 bank customers whose retirement assets are consolidated away by competing advisors.

The impact of asset consolidation is that dramatic. Over ten years, the financial impact is truly startling: a lost opportunity to manage $568 Million in retirement assets. The stakes are too high for any financial institution to prudently neglect the retirement income market. The good news is that, with help, financial institutions are in an ideal position to successfully execute on retirement income.

  • 1600000
    There is $1.6 Million of lost revenue potential
  • 100
    for every one-hundred financial institution customers left unserved annually for ten years
  • 568000000
    negating the brokerage’s opportunity to manage more than one-half billion dollars

Wealth2k® provides everything required to introduce a scalable and successful solution for the retirement income market.

Our platform deepens relationships with customers while broadening wallet share. We help increase referrals from retail partners. Asset consolidation leads to significant increases in the average sizes of insurance and investment product purchases.

Importantly, Wealth2k® simplifies the retirement income process without sacrificing efficacy.

We create an investing strategy for “constrained” investors that protects them from key risks that can destroy retirement security. We also make it easier to engage customers and then move suitable customers to full financial planning. Exclusive communications tools build confidence and drive customer demand for help with income planning. Our proprietary software generates a formal, written income plan for each customer, a plan that is concise and easy-to-understand. And our financial advisor training programs give FAs and LBEs the confidence to succeed in this critical market. The result is that the financial institution brokerage wins the customer’s long-term loyalty and the consolidation of investment assets .


Wealth2k® provides everything needed to scale success in the retirement income market.

  • Client Benefits

    1. Work with someone they know and trust.
    2. Gain a custom plan to increase retirement security.
  • Licensed Banker Benefits

    1. Strengthen trusted advisor status.
    2. Broaden and deepen wallet share.
  • Financial Consultant Benefits

    1. Strengthen partnership with retail.
    2. More time with higher net-worth clients.

  • Partner Firm Benefits

    1. Wholesalers are key participants in the process.
    2. Superior context for positioning their products and greater production.