Expanding the Pie

This is How You Grow Your Organization’s Revenue While Reducing Financial Liability Risk.

You’re a solo-practitioner independent advisor. Or a large regional bank with hundreds of financial advisors and thousands of licensed bankers. Or, you’re an IBD with registered representatives and IARs spread far and wide. No matter your business makeup, all organizations now share some common priorities: increase revenue, reduce compliance risk, achieve consistent customer outcomes and be the best fiduciary you can be.

There’s a big silver lining in DOL. It’s found in serving the $6 Trillion segment of “constrained” investors who need effective income distribution planning. But you also need a system to exploit the opportunity. The prize is enduring customer loyalty and the ultimate increase in wallet share.

Meeting the best interests of “constrained” investors requires delivering outcome-focused income strategies that elegantly blend professionally managed investments and insurance.

These income strategies need to be explained in a clear and thoughtful manner. Financial advisors need to be trained on how to build and deliver the strategies. Your income planning services need to be artfully marketed so that more prospects can be brought into your sphere of influence. All of this takes more than software. In fact, the number one deliverable isn’t software, it’s content. Brilliant content- especially digital content- creates a differentiated experience that engages peoples’ imaginations, provides an impressive learning experience, creates motivation, and builds demand for financial advisors to deliver income planning.

The Income for Life Model 2017® offers everything your organization needs to achieve greatness in the high-stakes market for retirement income planning.