Wealth2k® is an Asset-Gathering Platform Focused on Retirement Income

We ignite business growth for companies of all sizes by helping them institutionalize their strategy for retirement income distribution. Our solutions provide every deliverable firms need to seize growth in the retirement income market.

    • Compelling Digital Communications Tools

      These are game-changing digital communications tools that feature exclusive marketing concepts, such as What’s My Income?, and exclusive deliver systems, such as HumanRobo®. These innovations help firms generate revenue growth by creating customer demand for income planning.

    • Software and Integration

      Wealth2k’s proprietary software creates formal, written income plans. To deliver capabilities that make it easier to fund and monitor retirement income plans, we integrate with other platforms including Pershing LLC’s NetX360 and Albridge Wealth Reporting .

    • Financial Advisor Training

      We teach advisors how to become successful income planners. Advisors learn how create and present risk-mitigating income strategies that are focused on “outcomes,” rather than probabilities.

    • Management Consulting

      Our consulting practice helps companies define and implement successful retirement income initiatives. A recent example is a regional bank that, in spite of spending hundreds-of-thousands of dollars, had generated little success in moving a transactionally-focused sales force into a consultative, financial planning model. Wealth2k® was retained to craft a modular retirement income planning strategy that was quickly and successfully scaled to 200+ financial consultants.

    • Context for Product Sales

      Each week, advisors rely upon Wealth2k® to gather more than $150,000,000 in retirement assets. Advisors place these assets in a variety of investment and insurance products. Each product recommendation is given a context and purpose as a result of the Wealth2k® income plan. No better approach exists for operating compliantly in the Post-DOL marketplace.

    • Licensed Bank Employee (LBE) Productivity Growth Solutions

      Wealth2k® developed Digital LBE to increase referrals from LBEs who are challenged with multiple tasks and shifting priorities. Digital LBE eliminates inefficiencies and increases LBE productivity.

Why Wealth2k “Works” for Advisors in the Field

Wealth2k® “works” because of our experience in key areas:

    • Building national distribution channels
    • Product development
    • Sales and marketing
    • Compliance
    • Wholesaling
    • Advisor training and coaching

  • Wealth2k’s retirement income solutions enable the advisor to marginalize competitors and consolidate household assets into a formal, written income plan. Using Wealth2k® one advisor is able to become The Last and Durable Advisor™.

  • Success in retirement income results from a constellation of capabilities that unite business silos, galvanize advisors’ enthusiasm, engage and empower consumers, and create context for investment and insurance products.

Wealth2k® may be thought of as an antidote to expensive, complicated and infrequently used programs that do too little to accelerate growth. Our solutions are practical and scalable. Click here to request a copy of “Why Many Companies will Fail in Retirement Income… and How to Fix It,” published in the Spring 2013 edition of Retirement Management Journal.